Making Missions Possible

Finding the right personnel for your flight department can be exhausting.


Does it feel like you’re on a never-ending search for qualified team members?


Do you struggle to win or retain top talent in a competitive market?


Is the search process distracting you from your core job responsibilities?

At In-Flight Crew Connections, we find the right full-time or contract aviation professionals you need to make every mission possible.

For 20 years, we’ve helped flight departments overcome staffing challenges. As an industry leader we know how to find, vet, and place the right team member. 

When you partner with In-Flight Crew Connections, you get in-house experts focused on your success.

Hire top aviation professionals without the extensive legwork.

Hiring the right people is never easy, especially in the world of aviation. Finding and retaining qualified professionals may feel impossible in such a competitive market. Partner with IFCC to hire the best fit for your needs.

Whether you are searching to fill an executive-level position or hire individual crewmembers or maintenance personnel, our proven recruiting process ensures that you will get the best fit for your organization. Our insightful approach makes it easy for you and produces candidates that fit the culture of your department.

Finding contract crewmembers is hard enough. Don’t add to your workload by trying to manage payroll and Human Resources on your own.

When you depend on contract professionals to make missions possible, payroll and HR can quickly feel like a full-time job. IFCC makes this easy and significantly reduces your workload.

Our client remains the work-site supervisor and In-Flight Crew Connections is the administrative employer. This means you’re relieved of potential employer liability; human resource management responsibilities; employment tax liability and risk management of their contingent, contract or independent labor personnel.

You focus on your mission. We’ll make it possible.