Director of Aviation Operations – Pt 121 (MIA)

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Position Summary

The primary responsibility is oversight of flight operations, ensuring compliance with international and federal, state, and local regulations, in accordance with the company values and financial targets. The Director of Operations ensures all company flight operations are carried out, in a responsible manner, with the highest regard for safety, compliance, and service standards. The Director of Operations will also implement best practices, efficient systems, and processes, while balancing the business needs and operational requirements. The Director of Operations is responsible for, and has the authority to direct, all operational functions. The Chief Pilot and all operational personnel report to and are accountable to the Director of Operations in all matters pertaining to CFR Part 121 or 135 operations.

Primary Responsibilities

  • Operational Control of company CFR Part 121 or 135 flight operations.
  • Maintain a working relationship with the FAA Certificate Holding District Office (CHDO).
  • Responsible for all company flight operations procedures, standards, and regulatory compliance.
  • Responsibility for the company General Operations Manual.
  • Oversight of all company training programs, policies and procedures.
  • Coordinates with the Director of Maintenance concerning maintenance policies and procedures.
  • Responsible for ensuring that all crew members operating under CFR Part 121 or 135 are covered by a Federal Aviation Administration approved anti-drug program.
  • Establish and implement operating practices and procedures in compliance with Federal Aviation Regulations to attain company objectives within the framework of established company policy, which will maintain the highest safety standards and quality of service.
  • Flight Operations department representative on the company Safety Committee.
  • Notifies the CHDO within 10 working days of any emergency operation that required deviation from the CFRs.
  • Additional responsibilities, such as NTSB and HAZMAT notification as outlined in the appropriate company manuals.
  • Participate in and promote utilization of the company Safety Management System
  • Directs execution of operational standards, while implementing continuous improvements in operational design, drive high safety standards, and lead as a collaborative member of the executive team.
  • May perform duties as a flight crewmember when properly qualified in the aircraft.
  • Is responsible for the final approval of the selection of all flight operations personnel.
  • Is responsible for all record keeping requirements and the proper maintenance and disposition of those records.
  • Ensures that a copy of each load manifest is available at the Principal Base of Operations for a minimum of 30 days.
  • Establishes and maintains a close working relationship with the FAA Principal Inspectors having certificate responsibility over the company's air carrier operations.
  • Ensures that qualified and current pilots are assigned to each flight and that each flight has a designated Pilot-in-Command.
  • Responsible, in conjunction with Director of Maintenance and the pilot in command, for ensuring that the maintenance and inspection status of the assigned aircraft, is current and that required maintenance actions or inspections will not come due before the planned completion of the flight back to the aircraft's operations base or other facility where the actions can be accomplished.

The duties and authority to accomplish these duties may be delegated as necessary.

However, such delegation does not relieve the Director of Operations of the overall responsibility.

Qualifications, Education & Experience

  • Must hold an airline transport pilot certificate and either:
  • Candidate must meet part 119 FAA criteria for both 121 or 135
  • Have at least 3 years supervisory or managerial experience within the last 6 years in a position that exercised operational control over any operations conducted under part 121 or part 135, or
    • if the applicant has never held the position of Director of Operations, have at least 3 years' experience, within the past 6 years, as pilot in command of an aircraft operated under part 121 or part 135.
  • Demonstrate expertise and a full understanding of the following material with respect to:
  • Aviation safety standards and safe operating practices.
  • 14 CFR Chapter I (Federal Aviation Regulations)
  • Company operations specifications.
  • Hold an Airline Transport Pilot Certificate
  • Flight Experience:
  • 3500 hours Total Fixed Wing (part 121)
  • 1500 hours Multi-Engine Land
  • 1500 hours Pilot-in-Command
  • 500 hours Turbojet
  • 100 hours Night
  • 75 hours Actual or Simulated Instrument


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