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We make it easy to find qualified aviation professionals for your team.

We make missions possible.

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24/7/365 Trip Support

Award-winning service

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Struggling to find a work life balance


Caught unprepared to fill last minute requests


Short staffed in your operation


Working a high demand schedule

There’s a better way to staff your aviation department.

Finding qualified aviation professionals can be hard. It’s just one more task on an endless to-do list. Instead of being ready to fly, some departments struggle because they don’t have enough resources to meet their staffing needs.

You should always have the right people in the right place at the right time. Staffing and hiring in your aviation department isn’t easy; we get it. For almost 20 years, we’ve helped companies make sure every flight is possible from the ground to the sky.

Never worry about your trip not being able to go on schedule because of a staffing issue. Get the peace of mind you deserve, knowing you can always say yes.

Let us minimize the stress of your next departure



Tell us what you need so we know how to help you.


We partner with you to fulfill your staffing and recruiting needs.

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We help make missions possible.


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Don’t stress about last minute crew needs again. Get who you need as fast as you need it.


Looking to hire a full-time aviation professional in your flight department? We do that too.

Never feel short staffed again.

Don’t ground a trip because you don’t have the crew you need. Always be ready to fly by partnering with In-Flight Crew Connections.